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IntelliCommand videos

​See IntelliCommand in action.

Chiller towers running inefficiently, air compressor fails, HVAC running when the building is empty…these are just some of the issues faced when managing a building. What if the building could tell you about a potential problem before it occurs? What if engineers arrived on-site with the right tools and parts to fix the problem? What if occupant comfort could be improved while reducing your overall energy costs? IntelliCommand is the answer.

The complete smart building solution (an introduction to IntelliCommand)

IntelliCommand monitors energy, lighting, heating and cooling to ensure your building runs efficiently and alerts you to potential issues before they become costly problems.

24/7 monitoring at the IntelliCommand global command center

Go inside the state of the art facility in Somerset, NJ where IntelliCommand monitors hundreds of client buildings all over the world in real time. See how experts respond to a building alert and work with on-site engineer teams to fix the issue to ensure your buildings are running at peak efficiency at all times.