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Global Market Perspective - April 2010

Could this quarter become known as the period when property's stride changed? Supporting the sector’s increasingly energetic steps is the easing of credit conditions and the consequent boost to investor activity, rising capital values in core markets, the REIT sector revival and the re-emergence of sale and leasebacks. With half the deals in Q1 being cross-border, the property market is walking taller around the world. There are still concerns though that property’s stride could be knocked off balance by further economic challenges, by growing concerns over inflationary pressures in the fast moving markets of Asia Pacific, and by the possibilities of sovereign debt default and the consequences of inevitable tightening of monetary policy.
Despite these worries the real estate sector has regained its serious appeal to a wide range of investors and as economies continue to recover the volumes of capital targeting property are increasing. The corporate world, still with an eye on cost management and value creation are themselves finding innovative solutions to financing  space and to mitigating  lease liabilities.
While the pace varies global property markets seem back on track.

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