Awards 2020

President's Awards

Top Team

Suburban Tenant Representation

Deal of the Year

Tenant Representation

Most Valued Person

Trish Pang, Office Leasing

Special Recognition

Magdalena Boehmler, Office Services

Most Valued Person, PDS

Brent Henke, Project and Development Services

General Awards

Cultural Ambassador Award

Damien Mills, Canadian Brokerage

Team Player Award

Adam Ramsay, Agency Leasing & Tenant Representation

Above & Beyond Award

Kelsey Skaper, Finance

Magdalena Boehmler, Office Services

Marketing and Sales Enablement Award

Stephanie Demeo, Tenant Representation

Research and Associate Award

Reinaldo Viccini, Research

Top 5 Regional Producers

1. Rick Urbanczyk, Tenant Representation

2. David Lees, Tenant Representation

3. Adam Ramsay, Agency Leasing & Tenant Representation

4. Marshall Toner, Industrial

5. Ryan Haney, Industrial

Regional Awards

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