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JLL @ Amazon

We're supporting Amazon’s fulfillment network to ensure that buildings under our oversight operate at peak performance. We provide facility management, automation, and maintenance services in distribution centers across the U.S and Canada. Our teams of technicians, facilities managers, and administrators work together to keep fulfillment center machinery running smoothly and uphold a safe environment where all employees can thrive.

Now hiring!

We have over 1,000 technicians and are planning to add 500 more skilled workers.If you're looking for a career that will provide a fast-paced work environment and the chance to learn from the best, then we’re looking for people like you to join the following teams:
Facilities and automation team
  • As a Material Handling Equipment Technician, you will be a critical part of our technical team supporting a majority of the site’s conveyors, scanners, and other equipment.
  • A Robotics Technicians on the cutting edge of JLL’s robotics support group, responsible for ensuring that Amazon’s mobile fulfillment center robots are working effectively.
  • Being a part of theControls Systems team, you will bring your strong background in PLC and Industrial Internet for material handling equipment and electronic systems.
  • As anArea Maintenance Manager, you would lead, coach and mentor a top-notch group of technicians supporting the material handling equipment or robotics for a site.
  • Being a Maintenance Manager or Sr. Maintenance Manager, you will serve as a key leader overseeing an entire site, ensuring the total operation runs smoothly and serving as the bridge from JLL to Amazon.
Building maintenance team
  • Be an Operating Engineer or Sr. Operating Engineer to serve as the go-to person for all building maintenance and conduct general troubleshooting of all critical systems.
  • As one of our Facilities Managers, you will be in a leadership role for teams in up to four facilities, where you will oversee a variety of teams and operations.
  • As a Facilities Coordinator, you will interact with both JLL and Amazon by supporting teams for the general operations of several locations, managing purchase orders and parts inventory, handling invoices, and planning and scheduling maintenance and vendors.

Culture of safety

The way we do things. Our values underscore our commitment to clients and provide direction for everything we do.

We never compromise

We strive for injury-free work environments by proactively eliminating risks, engaging all personnel and teaching safety and health.

Comprehensive training

Our employees have access to extensive training resources. Employees are required to meet rigorous annual requirements and technical certifications in a number of areas, as well as engage in hands-on training programs (additional training is offered on an ongoing basis).

People come first

We provide a safe and healthy workplace so that our people can do their best work and achieve their ambitions. We’ve committed to putting people before profits, investing in training, risk assessments, and protective equipment to reach our goal of zero injuries.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an important component of protecting our workers. Every technician will be provided the following PPE at their site.

Required PPE for daily activities:

High visibility vest

Safety glasses

Safety shoes


Bump cap

Available PPE if the task requires it:

Fall protection harness

Arc Flash clothing

Hearing protection

Work environment

Amazon operates a number of different facility types where our teams are stationed.

Fulfillment centers

Large facilities that store inventory and facilitate processing of merchant orders with automated pick, pack, and ship capabilities.

Sort centers

Receives packages from fulfillment centers and sorts them by zip code for delivery to the customer’s home.

Delivery stations

Receives packages from fulfillment centers, sort centers, Fresh, or Pantries and takes them the “last mile” in urban areas.

The temperature in a facility may vary between 60°F and 85°F, and may occasionally exceed 85°F, depending on the location. Noise levels may vary and can sometimes be loud. To ensure that we meet customer expectations, overtime and/or shift changes occur with some regularity. Everyone should be available for overtime as the business requires it. Leading up to Prime Day and the holiday Peak season, overtime may be extended.

To ensure your safety, it’s important that you are physically able to:

  • Lift up to 49 pounds with or without reasonable accommodation
  • Stand/walk for up to 10-12 hours
  • Frequently push, pull, squat, bend, and reachClimb and descend stairs safely
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Work at heights of up to 40 feet, which may include a rooftop
  • Work on powered equipment such as a forklift, boom lift, or scissor lift
Looking for a particular shift?

All sites generally run 4 unique shifts, which may include Front Half Days or Nights and Back Half Days or Nights. Front Half is typically Sunday through Wednesday and Back Half is typically Wednesday through Saturday.

Certain buildings may operate on 12-hour shifts with an additional swing day every other week or may operate on 10-hour shifts that could be staggered to cover facilities operating 24 hours. Shift offerings depend on the location and type of facility.

Getting off on the right foot

All new employees attend Launchpad, our comprehensive onboarding program. Your first week will include a deep dive into our shared culture —you’ll learn what it takes to make an impact here, and what you can expect when you get started at your site. You’ll complete the necessary administrative onboarding tasks and engage in safety training.

During your second and subsequent weeks, we’ll teach you the technical skills you need to make a successful start in your new role. You’ll watch demonstrations of work, complete hands-on training and continue to deepen your technical knowledge specific to your role.

Travel will be required during your first 90 days of employment to attend mandatory training. Length and frequency of travel will vary depending on the role.

How we dress

We keep it casual! Our employees wear jeans or work pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt, along with safety shoes and provided PPE. We also offer a $150 reimbursement for safety shoes and $100 for prescription safety glasses.

Hiring process

Our recruitment process:

Phone screen

A recruiter will schedule a call to discuss the position,your qualifications, and the structure of the team. You should plan to provide an overview of your skills, career goals, and employment expectations.

Skills assessment

We require that all applicants complete an online technical skills assessment. The assessment determines capabilities in a specified area (mechanical, electrical, etc.).A recruiter will schedule a call to discuss the position,your qualifications, and the structure of the team. You should plan to provide an overview of your skills, career goals, and employment expectations.

Meet the team

Applicants will have a chance to meet –either in person or a combination of in person and over the phone –with a hiring manager and team members.

Suitability call

During the final steps in the interview process, you will have a phone conversation with someone other than your hiring manager to ensure the right cultural fit.

Offer stage

If you are determined to be a fit for the team, you will work with recruiting to receive an offer of employment and get your final questions answered concerning the role, your first day, and benefits.

Background check and drug screen

An offer of employment is contingent on the successful completion of a background check and drug screen. Both are administered by an outside party and communicated directly back to HR. The background check process is automated and simple to initiate. The drug screen can be taken at a candidate’s convenience within the provided timeframe.

The secret sauce

Our recruiters look for individuals with a mix of knowledge, skills and leadership abilities that enable our JLL team to partner successfully with the Amazon team. Leadership is highly valued by Amazonians and forms the basis for their company culture. To empower all employees to rise up as leaders, Amazon developed the Amazon Leadership Principles as a set of guidelines for making sound decisions that drive results.

In order to be an agile and innovative vendor partner, we encourage JLL employees to embrace the Amazon Leadership Principles. By applying them to our daily activities and interactions with team members, we can more effectively support Amazon in their mission to create an unrivaled customer experience.

Open positions

As a part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside other ambitious technical professionals in one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. Challenging and dynamic work, competitive pay, and career development are just a few of the great reasons to join JLL.

Frequently asked questions

You will be an employee of JLL but dedicated to the Amazon account as a third-party vendor providing industrial equipment services. Due to this client relationship, employees do not receive Amazon perks.

No, tools will be provided in order to perform your job.

Yes, there are career growth opportunities within the Amazon account as well as other JLL accounts. Employees must meet certain criteria for promotions/transfers to include one year within current position (6 month exceptions may be made for the Amazon account).

If you are a new, benefits-eligible employee, you are benefits eligible on the first of the month after your start date. If you start on the first of the month you are benefits eligible immediately. You begin to accrue paid time off on the first day of your employment.

Certain positions do offer relocation assistance on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in learning if the position you’ve applied to is eligible for relocation, please speak with the recruiter.

Amazon is a 24/7 operation so there is the possibility of working holidays. However, we will give as much notice as possible if the facility will close or close early on holidays. Time-and-a-half is paid if you meet the specific company requirements for holiday pay.

You can apply by creating a profile on our Careers site.

Not at this time.

If you are a fit, you will be considered for roles across our team.

We are under a multi-year contract with Amazon and are currently in good standing. Contracts are typically 5 years in duration with renewal options. JLL as a company has a very strong track record of renewing contracts with our clients.

Yes, you will need to inform your direct manager and gain their endorsement before applying.