Corporates navigate uncertainty

Global Real Estate Perspective, May 2021

The corporate occupier world is in a transition phase, and uncertainty around how things will play out remains high. Companies’ re-entry plans continue to evolve, with 56% of companies now looking at H2 2021 or beyond (JLL Account Pulse Survey, February 2021). Corporate occupiers who are advanced in their thinking are already seeking ‘hybrid’ workplace solutions that will enhance employee flexibility and boost human performance while optimizing their real estate portfolios. Others are taking time to build scenarios and pilot solutions before settling on a permanent model. However, they are all addressing how to become more resilient, agile and elastic in their portfolio operations. What is certain is that very few organizations will return to pre-pandemic ways of working. The trends that have reached mass adoption years ahead of schedule have not only proven themselves to be better for business and workers, but also good for society and the environment.

Corporates need to operate with flexibility and agility

2021 will be a year of inflection, experimentation and piloting. There is still no detailed roadmap to follow, so navigating the future of work with the agility to adapt to changes throughout 2021 and beyond will be a necessity. As the future becomes clearer and obstacles to normal business activities are removed, it is essential that corporates embrace their transformation quickly and ramp up their efforts toward constructing and operating a model with flexibility and agility at its core.