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​How can offices tackle the summer slump in productivity

The long-awaited arrival of summer can result in a slump in employee productivity. Your people and teams may be struggling with the heat, daydreaming about long lunches in the park or simply unable to find clients who aren't on holiday. Simple changes to office design and flexible workplace policies can help to keep employees engaged and focused. One of the most interesting example of building engagement during the summer months is Community Volunteering.


Recent research into the 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back published by Fortune suggested that by allowing employees guide charitable efforts, these companies created high levels of commitment and pride among their teams. "We find that involving our people in the work, as opposed to a corporate donation leads to much higher engagement levels and the summers are the perfect time to do this." says Brett Elofson, Senior Vice President and Head for JLL Canada's Tenant Representation Group based in the Greater Toronto Area.

"Our Breakfast Club of Canada initiative, where we assemble and pack food packages, has found incredible participation from our teams. It is a fulfilling experience for our people and better team engagement levels are a positive by-product" adds Elofson who pioneered the initiative to support Breakfast Club of Canada, an organization that helps promote children's health and wellness across Canada.

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