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The Canadian Quartet Playing on the World Stage

Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver: a compelling opportunity

Cities in Canada are collectively entering a newly energized, globally connected and impactful era. Of its 12 main commercial hubs, four cities - Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver – have been identified in our latest research as having the strongest potential and most opportunities for global real estate players.

These four cities all feature among the Global Top 50 commercial property investment markets.  We anticipate that over the next decade the Canadian Quartet will firmly secure their places on the world stage, joining an elite group of mid-sized cities that will leverage their skill base and their geographic and cultural advantages to create momentum that will ripple across all real estate sectors.

The shape and form of these cities is changing: whether by densification and a newly mixed-use core as in Calgary; a heavy focus on efficient and dense residential development in transit corridors as in Toronto; the impact of the green agenda on the built form as in Vancouver; or the creative influence on business and culture in Montreal, multiple and significant opportunities are being created. 

We invite you to take a fresh look at the Quartet cities and why they have been identified as the Canadian cities of the future. Download full report