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    How next gen FM's will help save the planet

    26 February 2015 - Climate change is no longer a debatable, foggy topic, but rather a flurry of factual evidence, synchronized with environmental and cultural discourse around the globe. A recent survey conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research and the David Suzuki Foundation found the majority of Canadians accept the scientific facts that global warming is happening and is caused by human activity. Read more Building Strategies + Sustainability, part of the REMI network.


    Innovation and collaboration: It's not an either-or proposition

    13 January 2015 - When we think of the great innovations that come our way, we might instinctively think of them as the product of a sudden brainstorm from an individual—a light bulb moment, if you will. But in reality, good ideas can come from anywhere and leading companies are finding that innovation is often produced over time with a lot of collective sweat equity by many people. Read more at


    The future of energy efficiency

    September/October 2014 - It turns out that machine-to-machine (M2M) technology isn’t something out of a dystopian future. By harnessing breakthroughs like wireless sensors, cloud computing, and cutting-edge analytics software, M2M technology transforms a building’s lights, air conditioning, and other components into a single complementary system—one that regulates itself around the clock and pinpoints energy-wasting defects that can escape the most astute human observer. Read more from the U.S. Green Building Council.


    Facilities management growing more complex

    22 September 2014 - JLL has just hired Maureen Ehrenberg as executive managing director of its facilities management business in the Americas. She takes the helm at a time when facilities management has become a far more complex task and an increasing number of corporations are deciding to outsource the work to professional real estate firms like JLL. Read more at Access requires free login.


    High IQs: Smart building technologies gain wider footprint

    August 2014 - After 82 years of service, the United States Custom House in Chicago is getting a well-earned makeover. Among the upgrades, the 12-story building at 610 Canal St. is being equipped with sensors that will provide detailed information about the performance of its electronic systems. Read more from Commercial Property Executive.


    Smart building technology yields measurable ROI

    May/June 2014 - The world is getting smarter: Smart phones, smart cars, smart devices, and smart cards are the new norm. If our buildings don’t become smarter too, they’ll fall behind in today’s technology-driven world. Smart buildings are popping up across the U.S. and the trend is just beginning: Smart building investment is expected to triple from $5.5 billion in 2012 to $18 billion by 2017, according to The Op-Ex Advantage, a recent JLL report. Read more from the CCIM Institute.


    10 smart building myths busted

    6 May 2014 - Smart buildings are a no-brainer and more affordable than most building owners and investors realize. Smart buildings have been proven to save energy, streamline facilities management and prevent expensive equipment failures. Yet, to many property owners and investors, the value of smart buildings remains a mystery. Read more from Energy Manager Today.


    IntelliCommand in Proctor & Gamble’s portfolio

    JLL installed its IntelliCommand smart building technology platform in 12 Procter & Gamble buildings to reduce energy consumption, costs and GHG emissions. The pilot program identified four P&G campuses totaling 12 buildings with a combination of office, laboratory and mixed-use R&D spaces to determine IntelliCommand’s effectiveness in different types of P&G buildings. Read more from the Environmental Leader.


    Revolutionizing the power supply, one smart building at a time

    4 February 2014 - SThanks to innovative new smart grid and smart building technologies, we are seeing a shift from the traditional one-way relationship — between utilities that produce energy and buildings that consume it — to a two-way model in which buildings generate on-site energy and sell the unused power to utilities. Read more at


    Opportunities in, and benefits of, deploying smart building technology across a large portfolio of properties

    Interview with JLL's Dan Probst from Realcomm/IBcon 2014 Conference,

    Watch the video.


    Can Big Data help building owners slash op-ex budgets?

    8 November 2013 - Jones Lang LaSalle set out to answer these questions when it partnered with Pacific Controls to develop IntelliCommand, a 24/7 real-time remote monitoring and control service. Read more from Building Design + Construction.


    Why smart building technology is a "no-brainer"

    6 November 2013 - Pressure to manage costs, risks and energy consumption is pushing commercial building owners and investors to explore how smart building technologies can help a company’s triple bottom line — people, planet, profits — according to Jones Lang LaSalle’s latest report. Read more from Environmental Leader.


    Five reasons for smart building investment

    5 November 2013 - What's so smart about investing in smart building technology? Commercial real estate owners and investors are exploring the ways smart building technologies can improve a company’s triple bottom line (people, planet, profits). Read more at National Real Estate Investor.


    P&G innovates again: Next gen smart buildings

    November/December 2013 - A technology-intensive intelligent building solution helps The Proctor & Gamble Company harness data, reduce cost and enhance efficiency—while supporting its longstanding commitment to innovation. Read more from the LEADER.