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Property Management

Our objective is to partner with you to drive the performance of your property by standing in your shoes and making your goals our goals.

We're always striving to increase the value of your investment through innovative and bold management practices. 

We've been crafting and refining our services for years through collaboration with our teammates from across the globe. We apply this global knowledge to every property we manage, along with local expertise, to ensure the best service no matter where your real estate asset is located.

We have a team of highly skilled experts to help you manage your property no matter what class of real estate you invest in. Our professionals add value to your investment by:

Focusing on tenant retention

Replacing a tenant can be tremendously costly. We believe in bringing a personal touch to tenant relations to build a positive atmosphere at your property that attracts high-quality tenants and encourages renewals and expansions. By building a sense of community for your tenants, through every phase of their tenancy, they will enjoy a tenant experience that helps them feel comfortable in their space.

Optimizing building operations

We're always pursuing new ways to improve building operations to ensure your facilities enhance your asset. Harnessing efficiencies allows us to lower operating costs, lengthen equipment life spans and improve repairs and maintenance processes.

Managing risk effectively

We provide peace of mind through anticipation, prevention and mitigation of risks and hazards, so you can rest easy knowing your tenants, real estate, equipment and information stay safe.

In-house programs designed for compliance, performance and emergency preparedness, ensure a consistent, proactive approach to risk management at every property we manage.

Providing accurate and timely financial reporting

Our Client Accounting Services group is dedicated to partnering with you to produce information that meets your specific needs for effective management of your assets.

We insist upon maintaining robust internal controls, SOC1 certification, industry best practices and thorough supporting documentation to ensure that you receive financial information that gives you the confidence to make important decisions for your investment. 

Aiming for sustainability in real estate

We're passionate about leaving a small footprint and contributing positively to our environment. Through energy management, waste reduction, building wellness and social responsibility programs, we are creating spaces that run on less and do more.