Client story

Adventist Health set to be a healthcare leader in onsite renewable energy

Initiative to implement multilocation solar energy program will achieve sustainability and millions of dollars in savings.


California and Hawaii


Millions of dollars in savings in year one and tens of millions throughout the term of the program


Over 20 MWs of on-site solar energy installed

Adventist Health came to us with a goal: to be a champion of renewable energy within their sector.

In order to achieve this, we worked seamlessly across JLL’s platform and with key stakeholders in Adventist. Adventist Health hospitals are dispersed across multiple locations, and each one has site-specific decision-makers, leadership councils and projected real estate strategies that had to be carefully considered.

In partnership with our Healthcare and Work Dynamics teams, we got to work.

We reviewed Adventist Health’s portfolio of sites and found the opportunity for over 20 MWs of on-site solar energy. We developed a site-by-site strategy to implement this solar power and then walked each site’s leadership through the entire process for their specific location, with constant communication and a determination to accommodate each group’s needs and schedules.

Our commitment to the teams at each site helped us win key executive support.

We had a multi-service, ten-year agreement with Adventist Health mandating a certain amount in annual financial savings, which was a key component for determining success in this project. We performed the financial analysis needed for the finance committee to bless the project. We then ran a competitive bid process to find the right partner to develop and construct the solar programs and to get the best financial deal for Adventist Health.

In total, agreements for over 15 healthcare campuses across California and two campuses in Hawaii were executed. Adventist Health will save millions of dollars in year one, and tens of millions throughout the term of the program.

Looking at the success of this program, Adventist Health plans to expand the onsite solar program to more hospital sites with hopes of being the largest onsite solar program for a single entity. We’re also evaluating other solutions, such as storage and cogeneration.

As Adventist Health’s portfolio of sites continues to grow, they are looking to integrate renewable technologies during the design phase of new projects, making this a multiyear program to establish themselves as a leader in healthcare as it relates to renewable energy.