Fast food company headquarters

This company overhauled its corporate headquarters into a smart, connected workspace, built to attract and retain top talent.


Downtown Chicago


“A transformational project” for employees


Company positioned as a smart workplace thought leader


HQ Smart Workplace mobile app

Transforming the work experience with new location and smart building technologies

To elevate its brand, transform the work experience for current employees, and attract and retain top talent, this fast food client sought to completely reimagine their corporate headquarters. The company’s vision was a smart workplace, one that included an enhanced, vibrant employee experience, a more agile workplace, and improved employee productivity and satisfaction — a vision that ultimately led them to relocate their longtime headquarters from the suburban outskirts of Chicago to the city’s bustling downtown.

Making a smart building vision come to life

Their smart building journey began with defining the smart features and functionality they desired and developing a master plan for the new headquarters. Together we worked to select and implement the smart building technologies that would improve user experience, provide real time occupancy and utilization data, and reduce energy and maintenance costs. This included integrated resource booking, indoor positioning, personalized environmental controls, lighting controls, a supervisory control and monitoring platform, and a workplace mobile app for all employees and visitors.

Creating a smart workplace thought leader

Employees at the new smart building headquarters say they are more collaborative and productive and that they have enhanced work satisfaction. The new smart building has contributed to this client’s talent attraction and retention goals, energy, and sustainability objectives, and has positioned them as a leader in deploying high-tech smart workplace applications. In addition, their new downtown location has set them up for future success by positioning them as a smart workplace thought leader with a stronger, more visible reflection of their brand and image.

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Smart building app

Ensure your employees are seamlessly connected to your workplace. The app enables a better user experience at work, and provides real-time employee feedback and other data to make more informed real estate decisions.

Are smart buildings smart for business?

Connected buildings are good for business, helping you quickly respond to changing demands and workforce needs. See a smart building in action in the infographic included here.