Client story

IWMS technology implementation improves CRE alignment and agility

Faced with a data and system disconnect, this global technology company worked with JLL to create a centralized, trusted system.

August 23, 2019

22,787 pieces of equipment tracked in IWMS

Square Feet

9.7M square feet tracked in IWMS


45,000 users of the system

Despite being one of the world’s leading technology companies—they likely designed the glass on your car and smartphone—this client was facing serious disconnect among internal teams, exacerbated by inaccuracies in data. For example, their corporate real estate (CRE) group might refer to a building with a specific title, but their facilities management and energy management teams would each have their own name for it. The company was experiencing a classic example of the left hand being unable to communicate with the right, and they needed to transition from their decades-old, homegrown systems.

To address these issues, the client selected an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) and engaged JLL’s Digital Solutions team as the implementation partner to deploy the software. Once the IWMS design was complete, JLL and the company worked together to integrate the moving parts of their real estate portfolio and global facilities management, and to break down the internal silos that were inhibiting future growth.

With JLL’s support, best practices and technological expertise, the various internal teams began working together to improve data alignment and create process efficiencies throughout the organization. Since going live with the IWMS technology, the company has:

  • Increased agility of their CRE, facilities management and energy management teams
  • Established one centralized system and a single source of truth for the company
  • Improved company-wide collaboration and increased productivity through system integrations, best practices and improved processes

With internal departments and systems fully integrated and insight into their global space data, the client has been able to capture every building in their portfolio to understand their utilization; respond to changing needs in real time; and have more accurate insight, functionality and understanding of all facility management data.

JLL thoughtfully implemented the client’s IWMS with future growth in mind, knowing that the company would eventually employ a full plate of system modules. As the team becomes accustomed to and familiar with the new technology, they plan to implement several more modules and expand the system globally.