Creating a sense of community within a sphere

SPACES stakes its claim


40,000 s.f.


1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Va.

It’s no surprise that there’s a flexible workspace revolution happening. Companies across industries are grappling to manage an increasingly fluid workforce of telecommuters, freelancers and contract employees. Built on the idea that success breeds more success, IWG has been at the forefront of redefining the way work gets done through its Regus brand for more than ten years. Most recently, IWG launched SPACES to offer a more relaxed, community feel in coworking. Much to their liking, its success is breeding more success. By Q1 2019, SPACES will have seven locations in the greater DC market, and they are not stopping anytime soon.

According to Donna Scott IWG’s Area Vice President for the DC market, IWG launched SPACES to appeal to the unique entrepreneurial spirit, those who enjoy a strong sense of community and a more casual environment. In 2017, SPACES had two locations in the DC market and was looking to add more.

JLL had a long-standing relationship with IWG so they tapped Jake Katz for his Northern Virginia expertise, depth of market knowledge and transactional experience throughout the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor. They wanted to identify options near amenities and mass transit. Rosslyn was the obvious choice because of its amenity-rich, transit-oriented neighborhood that is attractive to Fortune 500 companies, local entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.

With Jake and JLL’s market intel, SPACES was able to snag the perfect opportunity before it was available to the market—the former Artisphere. Unique locations are usually hard to come by, but thanks to Jake, SPACES got to see its potential long before anyone even knew it was available for lease. Now, the former Artisphere has turned into a thriving coworking community.

The Rosslyn location offers two floors and nearly 40,000 square feet of creative workspace. When members walk in the front door, they are immediately greeted by SPACES’ warm and friendly staff in the business lounge. An elevator takes them up to the second floor, where they can order a drink from the barista and relax in the lounge area. A beautiful rooftop deck is also available on the third level, great for events up to 300 people. When SPACES members step into the vibrant Rosslyn neighborhood, they can re-energize in Freedom Park or jump on the Metro to be in DC within minutes.

By Q1 2019, SPACES will have seven locations in the DC market and Jake has been with them each step of the way. SPACES’ Rosslyn location fits perfectly with the company’s business model—finding the most creative workplace to build and grow their brand. And just like the idea that started the company, this location’s success is leading to even more success for its members and for SPACES.

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