Client story

Tech firm transforms CRE operations, minimizing downtime and keeping top talent

Hundreds of employees and suppliers transition as global technology leader streamlines portfolio and services, adopting industry best practices


Global tech firm transitions to single IFM provider: improving uptime, retaining talent


94% of roles seamlessly transferred during organization transition


Office, data centers, labs, R&D, distribution and fulfillment centers, manufacturing

After years of dealing with a disconnected, reactive regional operations model, a global technology company partnered with JLL to establish a future-focused, standardized operating model with a single integrated facilities management (IFM) provider. The goal: transition all IFM-related employees and contracted principal suppliers to JLL, while reducing risk of service gaps and non-compliance issues. Together, we developed and deployed a comprehensive plan for transitioning people, contracts and a variety of CRE services across their North American portfolio.

Until recently, the firm operated a model that drove regional relationships with service providers based on a need for resources, rather than outcome-based delivery. The client sought to standardize and transform its operating model to better serve customers globally, mitigate risk and promote their leadership principles.

Their portfolio includes a wide range of site types from data centers to distribution centers, offices and R&D spaces. As part of our partnership, the client engaged JLL to provide not only base building management for its distribution and fulfilment centers, but also operations and maintenance for the materials handling equipment within these sites, including 150+ high speed shoe and cross belt sorters, thousands of conveyance assets, 150,000+ robotic drive units and 6-axis arms.

Recognizing the importance of talent retention in a competitive labor market, we made onboarding, upskilling and workplace experience our top priorities. Over the course of a 90-day transition period, we successfully reestablished the organization of over 3,000 personnel, with nearly 90% of roles seamlessly transferring from the previous service provider.

To ensure continuity across business operations, JLL appointed key team members to lead the company through a pre-transition phase. These professionals, distinguished by their expertise in areas like IFM, portfolio planning and transaction management, led specific workstreams throughout the mobilization and handover process.

Facilitating a smooth transition for the workforce was paramount, so we created communication and knowledge transfer programs. To foster a supportive, welcoming environment for new team members, we actively shared information on compensation, benefits, and HR matters. Communication channels such as town halls, lunch and learns, and weekly team meetings were utilized to facilitate ongoing dialogue.

We conducted a thorough review of existing staff to identify suitable candidates for the evolving team. During this time of organizational change, we implemented spot bonuses to retain key talent. Simultaneously, we developed a comprehensive resourcing plan, leveraging both on-account and third-party recruiters, to attract and cultivate new talent. We also hired and developed 150+ new team members, specifically focused on challenging geographies. Of those hires, 37% identified as female and 34% as minority.

In line with our commitment to supply chain diversity and nurturing important vendor relationships, we organized special networking events to effectively communicate and build trust with key local market diverse suppliers. The result: 300+ supplier contracts and 50+ strategic vendors transitioned from the client to JLL as principal. With the integrated provider model, there is one set of master terms and conditions and one party responsible for their delivery. The client benefits from streamlined governance and procurement oversight, mitigating supply chain risk often seen in less focused models.

Thanks to a successful transition process, 87% of incumbent employees accepted roles in the revitalized organization, resulting in limited knowledge loss or downtime. JLL's implementation of proven practices streamlined operations model for our client, and our dedicated internal transition team ensured a successful, sustainable organization change. As they strategically scale, we continue to expand our partnership, providing energy and sustainability consulting, project management, lease administration and more.

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