Gain access to domestic and foreign lending sources that include the top banks, pension funds, life insurance, and credit companies, conduits/CMBS entities and government-sponsored groups.

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Equity structuring 

Get tailored equity solutions for your precise investment requirements.

Bridge loans

Secure a short-term loan to help bridge the gap during times when long term financing is not yet available or optimal: for non-stabilized properties and properties requiring capital injection for renovations.

Construction financing 

Obtain land and development financing for construction deals, both small and large.

Mezzanine debt
Bridge any gaps between proceeds from first ranking finance and total required loan amount, and limit equity dilution.
Permanent financing

Repay construction and bridge loans by securing long-term loans with up to 30-year amortization. Refinance existing long-term loans at loan expiry, for equity takeout.

Acquisition financing

Meet your acquisition aspirations by pairing your needs with the right financing structure.

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Alison Chave
Vice President, Debt Capital Markets

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