Kimberly Lamb

National Executive Director, JLL Healthcare Work Dynamics, United States

This International Women’s Day and every day, we are proud to recognize our inspiring women leaders and allies at JLL.
Who is a female inspiration/role model to you and why?

A lady named Nancy Carr. She came into my life in the mid part of my career and was a leader in real estate at IREM and SunTrust Bank. She spent a lot of time grooming me to ultimately become the Chapter President of IREM in TN in 2003. Nancy mentored me while I completed my Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation in 1996. She provided guidance while I ventured into the national level of IREM as a governing counselor for a few years after my presidency. The lady had poise and she had a ton of grit. She retired from SunTrust several years ago. My goal has been to demonstrate that same elegant poise while still having grit, and believing in and committing to all I do. 

Why does inclusion matter to you? 

I believe it is important to consider a variety of inputs. Inclusion allows for this to occur. People look at things through different lenses and the more collective intel you can bring to any subject provides for more solid outcomes. Inclusion allows people to feel they belong to something and that what they have to say is of value and matters. Inclusion is conducive to positive growth for the individual as well as their team. High performing teams have psychological safety which is both fragile and vital to success. Psychological safety is created by trust and inclusion. This is why inclusion matters to me. 

How are you inspiring women to achieve their ambitions at JLL?

I always try to make myself available to the women within JLL. I have participated in the JLL mentoring program as well as an executive sponsor for our Big Bets team in Healthcare. There are moments when interacting on day-to-day items on account with women at JLL and the opportunity comes up naturally to inspire. This is when the moments can be most resounding…when they come naturally in conversation. I was speaking to an aspiring JLL female employee the other day and she mentioned she wanted to broaden her horizons with the organization. She had been on an account in the same role and did not feel challenged any longer. When talking to her further, I soon discovered there was so much opportunity for her to remain on the account, as there were so many ways she could grow and contribute with her knowledge and history of the client. In talking with her, I helped her see past the paradigms that seemed to be holding her back and opened a new vision of hope and possibility. This is how I try to inspire women. I try to find the opportunity in everything for them and I am willing to assist them along their journey – just like someone assisted me at one time. Outside of JLL, I mentor every year through CoreNet Global and ULI’s formal mentoring program. I also have mentees from when I worked with ICSC’s mentoring program and Commercial Real Estate Women’s Network. When it comes to my career legacy, I would like to be known for helping others by my interactions. My hope is to make it easier for future women leaders.

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