Brett Varey

Brett Varey


Brett Varey is a recent graduate of Humber College, where he successfully obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in marketing.

Following his graduation, Brett joined the Agency Retail group, where he has been working as an Associate for over a year now. With his previous experience in retail sales, it was a natural progression for Brett to explore the world of commercial real estate, particularly in the retail asset class.

As a licensed sales representative, Brett actively contributes to the team's sales process by engaging in strategic outreach, curating and enhancing databases, and participating in client-facing activities such as site tours. Additionally, he conducts comprehensive research on Toronto's urban retail market, focusing on specific streets. This enables him to provide valuable insights on vacancy rates, available properties, market gaps, and rental rates.

In his free time, Brett enjoys exploring the west end of Toronto on foot, while also showing support for his favorite brands such as Filson, Badiali, and Superpoint.