Jesse Provost

Jesse Provost

Associate Vice President

Jesse Provost is a dynamic and accomplished professional in the Quebec commercial real estate market. As an Associate Vice President at JLL with over 8 years of experience, Jesse consistently delivers results through his exceptional expertise and strategic approach.

Since joining Northwest Atlantic in 2016, Jesse has made significant contributions as a member of a specialized retail leasing team. His deep knowledge of the market and extensive experience in leasing retail space across the Greater Montreal Area and the Province of Quebec position him as a sought-after advisor.

Jesse's educational background includes a Master of Planning degree from Queen's University and an honors Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University, providing him with a solid foundation for innovative thinking and informed decision-making.

While passionately pursuing professional excellence, Jesse also maintains a balanced lifestyle. He enjoys engaging in outdoor activities such as cycling and snowboarding, where he finds inspiration and rejuvenation.

As an Associate Vice President at JLL, Jesse Provost brings a dynamic and professional approach to every aspect of his role, empowering clients to achieve their goals in the competitive Quebec retail real estate market.