Agency lending

JLL is a full service mortgage banker and provides financing for multi-housing assets through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA/HUD loan programs.

Who we are

  • We provide clients with the most competitive terms and the most reliable debt executions.

  • Our capital stack knowledge allows us to arrange equity with our lender clients for many projects.

  • Our collaborative platform allows for optimal financing execution, considering real time pricing of the debt, mezzanine and preferred equity markets.

  • With access to multiple capital sources, our clients range from regional family offices to global investment managers.

  • Our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of skills, of over 3,000 capital markets specialists in more than 50 countries, gaining local knowledge and global perspectives for better investment results.

  • Our advice takes investors through the full life of an investment, offering an extensive suite of equity and debt products to maximize returns. 

  • By bringing together data on thousands of global properties and institutional transactions over the last 20 years with AI and machine learning; clients benefit from a new level of intelligence and decision making in the industry.

Industry rankings:


Freddie Mac Affordable Housing Lender in 2021


Freddie Mac Conventional Lender in 2021


Freddie Mac Multi-housing lender by volume in 2021

Capital markets at JLL

Our access to global capital combined with our financing expertise, renowned property insight and integrated research will give you the confidence to see the opportunities that others overlook.

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