Canada retail insights

Major retail markets heading for stabilization after strong momentum

February 27, 2024
  • Heli Brecailo

Retail leasing in major markets is stabilizing after a period of strong momentum. Rent growth is showing signs of slowing, but is still expected to increase, driven by inflation and rising property taxes. Demand continues to outpace supply, resulting in historically low levels of availability. Construction activity remains limited, and the scarcity of prime space is having a noticeable impact on leasing volumes, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver.

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Toronto retail insight

A softer and more stable Toronto retail market this year.     
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Calgary retail insight

Sustained demand and decreasing availability drive Calgary's retail-leasing market.   
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Montreal retail insight

Montréal retail sales growth expected to wane amid challenging economic conditions despite future completions. 
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Vancouver retail insight

Rising rents and downtown recovery fuel Vancouver's retail market.     
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Ottawa retail insight

Ottawa retail market to soften amid economic headwinds.     
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Edmonton retail insight

Increased demand for retail space in Edmonton amid slowing retail sales.     
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