Special notice: Recent fraud alerts

There has been an increase in scams involving Canadian residential rental listings on non-JLL websites that later use JLL’s name and logo with interested renters claiming JLL will facilitate the rental transaction. JLL would like to spread awareness of these current third-party attempts to exploit consumers for financial gain and to confirm that JLL is in no way involved with these transactions.

Rental listing sites

Presently, JLL does not facilitate residential property rentals in Canada. Many fraudulent rental listings have originated from sites like craigslist.com where there is little to no cost to post and little information to trace the fraudulent post to an actual party. Other sites containing similar scam posts include casalova.com and zumper.com.

Fraudulent email addresses

The most recent scams involve interested renters receiving emails from non-JLL accounts claiming JLL is working with them. The renter never receives an email from an email address ending in @am.jll.com, @eu.jll.com or @ap.jll.com.

Instead users have received emails from the following email addresses:

  • jllrentals@europe.com
  • support@jll-rentals.com
  • beingessnerclare@gmail.com
  • clarejbeingessner@gmail.com
  • davidfega61@hotmail.com

Current background facts of fraud

The renter receives an email from the Gmail addresses claiming that the owner is currently living in Spain, wants to rent his Canadian residence and is using JLL to facilitate the transaction. He provides a number to reach him and numerous renters have claimed to have spoken to a man with a Spanish phone number. The scammer will then email the renter a copy of an alleged passport, JLL Certificate of Incorporation and JLL Invoice. The scammer then pressures the renter to wire funds directly to a Spanish bank account within 24 or 48 hours or he will lose a deposit he’s allegedly paid to JLL. Once the renter pays a significant down payment, the scammer promises JLL will deliver the keys to the renter so that they can see the unit. No specific JLL employee names or JLL email addresses are provided. Instead, these scams presently use JLLrentals@europe.com as the alleged email address for any questions the renter may have.


Please take precautions before completing financial transactions online. For apartment rentals, JLL would never ask for a renter to wire funds in order to simply receive keys to see a unit.

New details

Should you believe you have received communications related to this scam but the details have changed from the above, please email fraud@am.jll.com with any new details so we may update this page with current information.