Life sciences industry trends & outlook


Life Sciences innovation is evolving at a breathtaking pace. Shifting priorities are creating new models, the race for talent is quickening and emerging markets are providing more value than ever before.

As Life Sciences companies enter a new era of collaborative research and development, flexibility, and need for more creative space, an effective real estate and facilities strategy is key.

Explore some of the insights your life sciences company needs to remain competitive below, along with this year’s projected top life science markets.

The top life science markets for 2018, and how they rank

Our annual look at the evolution of the top geographies across the U.S. includes some dynamic changes and new additions.

Despite high rents and low availability, life science ecosystems like Boston and San Francisco continue to thrive as the top centers of talent and innovation.

We have scored clusters based on the latest data including Life Sciences employment concentration and growth, venture capital funding, market occupancy rate, and average asking rent.

The top 3 trends in Life Sciences for 2018

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